Fall fashion for every body type

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Fall is my favorite season and it’s not because of the influx of ‘pumpkin everything’ that sweeps over a crazed population insistent on purchasing pumpkin lattes to go with pumpkin muffins and pumpkin chips. Fall is the time of year that I am able to whip out my massive scarf collection and it gives me an excuse to add to my fall wardrobe. In that case, every season is my favorite.

Knowing what to wear and what trend is suitable for your body type can be more difficult than first anticipated. Here are a few guidelines for fall fashion for every body type.


If you carry most of your weight in your torso, than this category is just for you. Steer clear tight clothing around your midsection and embrace pieces that highlight your legs and chest.  A shift dress, is a classic wardrobe staple and a throwback to the ’60s, which has inspired the styles this season. The short hemline will showcase your legs while skimming over your stomach. Empire waist blouses are also worth investing in. This style cinches at your narrowest spot under your chest and flows away from the belly. Geometric prints splashed across fall ’14 runways and a busy print keeps the eye roaming and is ideal for camouflaging the parts of your body you are not so keen to show off. Incorporate a graphic print and pair with tights and your look is complete.

Eliza J Jersey Shift Dress

Eliza J Jersey Shift Dress










A common body type, a pear shape, carries most of its body weight in the lower half of the body. The objective is to balance out the proportions and draw attention to your chest, arms and narrow waist. Opt for bright colors or prints that bring the focus away from your hips. A-line skirts are your friend, so embrace this style that flows away from the body. Avoid pants with pockets or flaps on the hips and butt as these features add volume. Have fun layering with robe coats, a must have this season. This outerwear option is perfect for finishing off your ensemble with a chic finish without appearing lumpy with too many pieces.

Vince's Leather Trim Asymmetric Car Coat

Vince’s Leather Trim Asymmetric Car Coat











Enhancing your waist while putting the focus on your slim arms and legs is essential for dressing boxy body shape. Choosing silhouettes that gather at the waist are important for accentuating your curves. Indulge in texture which helps create an allusion of a fuller body type.  You can’t go through the colder moments without breaking out knitted pieces and designers this season shared the same sentiments. Chunky, over-sized, slim you name it you have it. For fall, this is a trend you want to capitalize on. A knit sweater layered with a moto jacket will keep you warm and stylish.

Eliza J Knit Blouson Dress

Eliza J Knit Blouson Dress










It is easy to overwhelm a small frame but with petite figures trying to maintain balance and proportions will help you master your favorite trends without overpowering your shape. Turtlenecks are making a comeback  and the elongating affect of the piece lengthens your body. Sticking to one color creates the look of appearing longer and gray is a color worth stocking up on. Have fun with high waisted bottoms that succeed in lengthening the body.

Theory 'Nuri' Ribbed Turtleneck

Theory ‘Nuri’ Ribbed Turtleneck










Ultimately the goal is dress in a way that highlights your favorite aspects of your body and drawing attention away from body parts you’d rather not showcase. Find styles and prints that boost your self-esteem and make you confident in your apparel.

All images are courtesy of Nordstroms.


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