Blogspotter: Katherine Lou’s Wanderhour

Katherine Lou is the adventurous and vivacious blogger behind Wanderhour, a personal blog that captures her true loves – food, travel, photography and fashion. An L.A. girl at heart, she recently moved to Honolulu where she chronicles her days in her new home with her Canon 6D. I caught up with Katherine to talk about some of her favorite dishes and travel destinations.

What made you decide to pursue a degree in economics?
Katherine Lou:
I’ve always enjoyed economics when I was in high school but I entered college to pursue a career in medicine since my mother works in the medical field. After realizing that I wouldn’t work well in the medical field (I can’t stand the sight of blood- I know silly), I decided to pursue economics since I’ve always wanted to own a business one day.

What made you decide to pursue a career completely unrelated to economics?
 I wanted to pursue my passion in photography. I’m at that age and point in my life where it’s easier to pursue it because I don’t have huge responsibilities – besides rent and bills. Ultimately, I want to put my degree to use by owning a boutique or helping my boyfriend, Charles, run his restaurant in the future.

How did you get involved in photography?
Ever since I was in middle school I was always snapping photos. Over time friends would ask me to take photos of them for whatever reason and it just continued on from there. After a while, I realized that it’s something I’m really passionate about.

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What made you start a blog?
I started a blog in 2007 to document my everyday style. As the years went on, I had to focus more on my studies and went off the grid. When I moved to Hawaii my friends said I should start a blog about my new life on the island and so here I am.

What’s your favorite travel destination?
I haven’t been everywhere yet but at the moment it’s New York City and Seattle.

Where do you want to travel to next?
The destinations that I’ve been eyeing lately are Tokyo, Paris, Moorea, Barcelona, and Cinque Terre!

What’s your favorite dish?
This is such a hard one! You can’t go wrong with some chicken over rice at The Halal Guys in New York. I also love – although they no longer serve it – beef tenderloin with spicy Hawaii island goat dairy chevre from Alan Wong’s in Honolulu but I think my favorite dish ever would be the fresh pasta Charles makes with chipotle cream sauce.

Wanderhour - frenchtoast

What’s your favorite dish to make?
KL: My favorite dish to make is crying tiger. It’s a Thai dish with beef and a spicy dipping sauce.

You recently moved to Hawaii. Where are some of your favorite places to go?
I love hanging out at Manifest in Chinatown, here in Honolulu. It’s a wonderful coffee shop by day and bar at night. The atmosphere is reminiscent of home maybe even New York City. The coffee is amazing too. I also enjoy swimming in secret tide pools and searching for waterfalls.

What has been the hardest part of moving so far from home?
The hardest part of moving so far from home would definitely be leaving my family, especially my mother, and my friends behind. Second, would be the food. There are no In-n-Outs nor are there any places that sell delicious Mexican food here in Hawaii.

The easiest part would be the gorgeous scenery here. I’m always in awe with how beautiful this place is. Also, the locals here are so incredibly nice!


Best place to get sushi in Hawaii?
Surprisingly, I haven’t dined at a lot of sushi places but Doraku sushi is the best place in my book. I want to try Sushi Sasabune though.

What is a quick and easy meal you make when you are in a rush?
 This is a hard one. Most of the meals I make require time but I guess it would be a turkey sandwich. Charles makes focaccia bread and some sauce and I just add lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, bacon, and pickled jalapenos that I make at home.

Wandehour - sandwich

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is a mix between feminine and edgy. When I shop for clothes I try to build a capsule wardrobe with quality and timeless pieces: leather jackets, high heeled sandals with thin straps, ankle boots, maxi dresses with a high slit, an over-sized silk blouse, and slim trousers in neutral colors. Tucked in between the neutral colored items in my closet are hints of floral. I absolutely love floral dresses in all kinds of lengths but I gravitate towards maxi dresses the most.

Favorite clothing/jewelry item?
Do shoes count? If so, it would definitely be my Alexander Wang Maja shoes! Another choice would be my vintage black backless maxi dress with a high neck that I got for $5 at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. My favorite jewelry item would be my YSL Arty ring that I have in the silver and black colorway.

Wanderhour 3

What do you never leave the house without?
My Canon 6D. You never know when a photo opportunity of a lifetime will come up such as a gorgeous sunset or the perfect golden hour lighting.

What is your favorite neighborhood in NYC?
I think it’s a tie between SoHo and East Village right now. I also love Flatiron District.

East Coast or West Coast?
I am torn between the two. I’m definitely a lady with a L.A. mind and NY heart.



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