Downtown Abbey inspired accessories by Andrea Romero

Downtown Abbey enthusiast with a Southern girl charm, Andrea Romero’s captivating personality and infectious laugh easily draws you in even before you look at her vintage inspired, with a modern twist accessories. AMR Accessories was created by Andrea to share her love of fashion and designing and what started as a hobby has grown into a small business that continues to grow. I caught up with the accessory designer to talk about her latest line inspired by equestrian fashions in between gasps for air and too much laughter it was criminal.

What inspired you to start your own jewelry line?
A lot of encouragement from family. It’s my passion and I love to create and design things. That’s part of who I am but it started off as a hobby, something I did on the side. Making jacket pins for myself, playing with fabrics and it caught the attention of family and friends and that voice of encouragement of why not just use your talent and do something with it really encouraged me. When you find something that you love doing just do it. Especially if it brings you joy.


AMR accessories

What was the inspiration behind your equestrian collection?
I’ve always had this fascination with equestrian culture and lifestyle and at the time I was stuck on the Downtown Abbey series and there was a lot of hunting and horse riding. There is something about it that is captivating. Horses are very majestic animals and just down to the fashion – the tailoring of the jackets the classic look of it all. A friend of mine took a black and white photograph of a horse-head post while traveling and there was something about the textures in the photograph and elegant look of the rustic horse-head that caught my eye. The Victorian era is just a big source of inspiration for this collection.

Can you ride a horse?
Haha, yes I can! I never took it on as a sport but I’ve always enjoyed riding horses when I had the chance to.

Describe your aesthetic?
Elegant, classy and feminine.  I appreciate beautiful fabrics and craftsmanship and I love the mix of old and new. So when I’m creating a piece and I’m inspired by a trend or a certain fashion piece that was popular during the Victorian era or the early 1900’s,  I try and put a more modern spin on it for today’s woman.

DSC_0152 - AMR pin

AMR accessories


 How did you get into designing bridal pieces?
It started with my best friend’s sister-in-law. She was doing a vintage themed wedding and she asked me to create a vintage garter and so that’s how it started. At the time I had only made jacket pins but I loved the idea of creating a bridal garter!
 Who is your celebrity style crush?
Off the top of my head I’d say David Gandy. He’s like the ultimate gentleman. Gandy is like the Brad Pitt of men’s fashion! He’s a good-looking man and he has a great sense of style whether he’s in a suit or a casual T-shirt.
Heels or flats?
Oh girl, heels. All the way! I’m not a tall person so I can get away with wearing them whenever but I could be 5’11” and it still wouldn’t matter. I’d still strut a heel haha.

AMR accessories

Favorite trend for spring?
My staple is the maxi dress. I look forward to spring and summer so I can wear my flowy dresses. But this spring  I’ve caught onto this “boy meets girl” trend. I’m seeing a lot of gentlemen styles making their way into women’s fashion like the tuxedo jacket and oxford shoes. I’m kind of digging it. You may see some of that influence in my fall collection. But that’s another season. I won’t say too much!
What materials do you use for your pieces? 
Silk and lace are my go to. They’re fun and easy to play with. For this collection I used feathers for an added flair.  I recently bought vinyl and tweed fabrics…something else I’m looking to play with for my new collection in fall.

AMR accessories

Where can we find your pieces?
Sure, you can get my pieces “made to order” at my Etsy shop. For anyone interested in custom made wedding accessories they can email me at
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