Downtown Abbey inspired accessories by Andrea Romero

Downtown Abbey enthusiast with a Southern girl charm, Andrea Romero’s captivating personality and infectious laugh easily draws you in even before you look at her vintage inspired, with a modern twist accessories. AMR Accessories was created by Andrea to share her love of fashion and designing and what started as a hobby has grown into a small business that continues to grow. I caught up with the accessory designer to talk about her latest line inspired by equestrian fashions in between gasps for air and too much laughter it was criminal.


Paris Fashion Week Recap

It’s been a week since Paris Fashion Week. I am still dreaming of the beautifully romantic designs that come off the runways. The enchanting charm of the French shows included a fantastic mix of feminine and masculine pieces, highlighting the extraordinary dynamic of a modern woman. Join me in a trip down memory lane with my favorite collections in a Paris Fashion Week recap.


Milan Fashion Week Recap

Fashion waits for no (wo)man ¬†and while I eagerly tried to soak up what little sun I could over my spring break, fashion month powered on with the Milan shows. The runways were bedecked in romanticism with lace and ornate designs while pops of color brought the vivacity of the city to life. With so many noteworthy pieces it was difficult to narrow my favorites down but I managed to achieve the impossible. Here is a Milan Fashion Week recap of a few of my favorites. (more…)

Blogspotter: Katherine Lou’s Wanderhour

Katherine Lou is the adventurous and vivacious blogger behind Wanderhour, a personal blog that captures her true loves Рfood, travel, photography and fashion. An L.A. girl at heart, she recently moved to Honolulu where she chronicles her days in her new home with her Canon 6D. I caught up with Katherine to talk about some of her favorite dishes and travel destinations.


London Fashion Week Recap

London Fashion Week was impressive with edgy, fashion-forward looks that has become synonymous with the British city. The creativity and endless talent delivered collection after collection that wowed the fashion community. Here is a London Fashion Recap of my favorite shows this fashion season. (more…)

New York Fashion Week Recap

Fashion Month is underway and the first leg of the 4 city fashion event is over. Yesterday concluded the shows in New York City and designers wowed audiences with a range of dazzling ensembles to minimalist pieces for FW15. Next stop is London but let’s say goodbye to the breathtaking pieces with a New York Fashion Week Recap. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is such a contentious holiday. From those who love it to those who resent it there are many mixed opinions. I like to see V-day as a day to celebrate love not only for your special significant other but for family and friends. More than anything, I love a good excuse to dress up. Check out my favorite pics for Valentine’s Day! (more…)