Blogspotter: Katherine Lou’s Wanderhour

Katherine Lou is the adventurous and vivacious blogger behind Wanderhour, a personal blog that captures her true loves – food, travel, photography and fashion. An L.A. girl at heart, she recently moved to Honolulu where she chronicles her days in her new home with her Canon 6D. I caught up with Katherine to talk about some of her favorite dishes and travel destinations.



Blog Spotter: Caroline Mason of A Fashion Neverland

The witty musings of Caroline Mason along with her stylish ensembles are a highlight of her blog, A Fashion Neverland. Her blog is comprised of the fabulous lifestyle of a FIT student and assistant to Derek Blasberg as well as commentary and critiques about the industry sprinkled with cultural influences happening around New York City. A New Yorker through and through, I caught up with the jet-setting blogger – she’s currently exploring London – to talk fashion, travel and the best places to grab a coffee in the city. (more…)

Detox Myths and Realities: How to refresh your body the right way for the new year

To detox or not to detox, that is the question. It is common to look for a quick fix to get into shape and detoxing has become overwhelmingly popular with many people citing detoxes as necessary practices for better health. Yet detoxes may not be the miracle cure that people claim them to be. In fact many physicians and dietitians warn against the adverse effects of a detox diet. Instead of getting caught up in the marketing hype of a detox diet I spoke with Dr. Lauri Wright, a registered dietitian and assistant professor at the University of South Florida, to clear up a few things about detoxes.


15 New Year Resolutions for 2015

The beginning of a new year signals a rebirth for many people. While not much changes from the minute that separates a past year from the new one, the symbolism is something that resonates with all of us. It is the chance to start over, try again and refocus on the goals we have set for ourselves. The difficulty with resolutions is making them stick past January. As a writer I enjoy little notes, lists and keeping a journal, and one thing that has helped me stay accountable is to write things down. Here are my 15 New Year Resolutions for 2015. (more…)

Blog Spotter: Michelle Almonor of Fashilluminous

Nothing makes me more giddy (yes, I said giddy) than meeting new people and making new friends. I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Almonor, a student at the University of South Florida, at the recent ‘Metamorphosis’ fashion show hosted by The Fashion Executives. Almonor is the president of TFE, an organization at USF, that focuses on assisting emerging designers and boutiques in the Tampa Bay area with events and branding. When she’s not planning TFE events, serving on the executive board of Alpha Kappa Psi, a co-ed professional business fraternity, and nailing down covetable internship opportunities, Almonor is investing her heart and soul in her fashion blog, Fashilluminous.


An interview with Misha Vaidya, designer behind By Misha

I first met Misha Vaidya, when I had the pleasure of interviewing her for Cliche Magazine, a publication I use to intern at. Her exquisite, ultra-feminine designs and her vivacious personality captured my eye and I was drawn like a moth to a flame. Her collections are reminiscent of whimsical flare and ladylike styles and I can’t get enough. New York based, Misha is a woman of the world. Born and raised in London and educated at the University of Miami, Misha captures the essence of the modern woman. I caught up with the dazzling designer to talk about her latest collection, ‘Eloquence’, inspirations and her favorite places to eat in New York City. (more…)

An interview with a dietitian: eating healthy in a few simple steps

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The struggle is real and making time for eating healthy and getting enough exercise is a never-ending battle. Deadlines, meetings, appointments, and assignments, all seem to get in the way and take precedence over eating right. I often fall prey to the same preoccupations so I decided to sit down with a dietitian to help me establish a balance in my jam-packed schedule. Registered Dietitian and Health Promotion Specialist, Alex Kloehn, works at the University of South Florida’s Wellness Center where he advises students on how to eat healthy and incorporate well balanced meals into their everyday diets. (more…)