5 Healthy Spring Salads

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Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a light salad. The last couple of weeks I went to town on take-out and my poison of choice was pizza. If an abundance of pizza was healthy for you I would be one happy girl. Unfortunately, all the carbs were beginning to take its toll and my summer body I have been working so hard for slowly started to disappear. The perfect remedy for my junky habits? Salad! I love a great salad and don’t give me two leaves of lettuce with Italian dressing and expect me to be happy. I want hearty, healthy and full of flavor. These light but satisfying salads are just what the doctor ordered and spring is the perfect time to whip out the fruits and veggies and create a medley of mouthwatering salads. Check out these 5 healthy spring salads.

Grilled tomato and quinoa salad
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This protein packed salad will give you energy and keep you going throughout the day. Grilled, halved cherry tomatoes add a sweet juicy flavor that is complemented with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Ditch the iceberg lettuce and try romaine lettuce which has more nutrients and gives your salad a powerful kick.

Grilled chicken salad
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I love adding protein to my salads and grilled chicken is the perfect meat to pair with a salad. Mix together chopped romaine lettuce, red and yellow peppers, and sun dried tomatoes. With this type of salad I love making a homemade dressing with olive oil, lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Lightly grill your lemon juice marinated chicken and it creates a light, flavorful dish.

Sweet corn and quinoa salad
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Adding quinoa to a salad is a fun way to add creativity to your meals – not to mention it is very tasty.  Toss together cooked quinoa that has cooled with sweet corn, romaine lettuce and lightly sauteed tofu. This salad is bowl-licking good and is packed with essential nutrients that do wonders for your health. Season with salt and pepper.

Salmon salad
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If you are pinched for time a salmon salad is easy and quick so you don’t have to compromise on eating healthy. Salmon is a good source of B12, B6, Selenium and Niacin and is very low in sodium. Paired with green peas, roasted potatoes, spinach, and topped with a lemon dill dressing – a salmon salad is great to take to the office for lunch or enjoy at home.

Avocado, spinach and blueberry salad
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Mixing fruit into a salad is great for those with a sweet tooth. This recipe is simple and requires 3 ingredients as a base but you can build off of it and add extra veggies and fruits or top it with nuts. Chop avocado into bite size pieces and toss together with baby spinach leaves and blueberries. Drizzle a honey, lemon and olive oil dressing over your salad.

Bon appetite!



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