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5 Healthy Spring Salads

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Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a light salad. The last couple of weeks I went to town on take-out and my poison of choice was pizza. If an abundance of pizza was healthy for you I would be one happy girl. Unfortunately, all the carbs were beginning to take its toll and my summer body I have been working so hard for slowly started to disappear. The perfect remedy for my junky habits? Salad! (more…)


Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I love smoothies. They are simple, easy to carry around and delicious. Time always seems to escape me and finding different ways to make sure I get enough vitamins and nutrients in my diet is much easier with smoothies. Creating different concoctions from blended fruits and vegetables is always a fun way to take charge of your food.

A strawberry banana smoothie is one of the basics. Starting out with this recipe will help build the foundation to branch out and create more exotic flavored treats. Rather simple, this recipe calls for a cup of strawberries, two bananas, a splash of milk (I like to use soy milk or almond milk) or yoghurt, and ice. Feel free to add or take away ingredients to cater to your palette. Some people like to add sugar or honey but I prefer to use ripe fruits and let the natural sugars in the fruits sweeten my smoothie. For added benefits I add a teaspoon or two of Milled Flax Seed which is a good source of fiber and Omega 3-oils.

An interview with a dietitian: eating healthy in a few simple steps

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The struggle is real and making time for eating healthy and getting enough exercise is a never-ending battle. Deadlines, meetings, appointments, and assignments, all seem to get in the way and take precedence over eating right. I often fall prey to the same preoccupations so I decided to sit down with a dietitian to help me establish a balance in my jam-packed schedule. Registered Dietitian and Health Promotion Specialist, Alex Kloehn, works at the University of South Florida’s Wellness Center where he advises students on how to eat healthy and incorporate well balanced meals into their everyday diets. (more…)